- children's screenwriter - writer - editor - copy editor -


In addition to my creative work I write nonfiction articles, including film criticism but also touching on politics, religion, and other topics. I’ve written for Filmmaker magazine since 2011, both in print and online, where I cover emerging platforms like VR and transmedia, animation, social issue documentaries, postproduction, and other areas. Some topics I've covered for the print magazine include postproduction for interactive films, online distribution platforms, data visualization and graphic design in documentaries, and how universities and film schools are adapting to teach virtual reality. 

I have also edited and copy edited peer-reviewed and literary journals, academic writing such as Ph.D. dissertations, and personal memoirs. I am available to write or ghost write works of various lengths and to critique, edit, copy edit, or proofread any fiction or nonfiction work, from short articles to full-length books. Please reach out at randyastle@hotmail.com for a preliminary conversation.

My Twitter handle is @randyastle, where I cover children's media, politics, the environment, cinema, and art.