Randy Astle is a writer for children’s television, virtual reality, film, theater, and other media. He’s platform agnostic and takes advantage of how fields like filmmaking, VR, game design, literature, and theater are merging more every day, using whatever medium is best suited to tell indelible stories and create thought-provoking experiences for audiences of all ages. Past work includes writing show bibles and pilot scripts for children’s television productions, writing a feature-length historical documentary and other fiction and nonfiction films, directing short films and abstract videos, participating in the first transmedia hackathon sponsored by Film at Lincoln Center and StoryCode, and writing a four-chapter arc for a Wattpad novel as part of a larger transmedia property from some of the people behind Lost and Conspiracy for Good.

Randy has written for Filmmaker magazine since 2011, emphasizing virtual and augmented reality, animation, social issue documentary, and postproduction. In the print magazine he’s covered topics like the logistics of releasing films through online VOD platforms, postproduction for interactive films, data visualization and graphic design in documentaries, and how universities and film schools are adapting to teach virtual reality.

With a family background in Mormonism, over the past two decades Randy has helped establish the field of Mormon film studies through numerous articles and presentations, teaching, and other work. His 2018 book Mormon Cinema: Origins to 1952 won the award for Best Criticism from the Association for Mormon Letters in 2019, and he’s writing the next volume, bringing the history up to the present, now. From 2014 to 2017 he programmed films for the Sunstone Summer Symposium at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

He received his master’s degree in film directing and production from the London Film School and has studied children’s media at Little Airplane Productions, acting at the Barrow Group, and video production and postproduction at DCTV.