I’m a screenwriter and filmmaker focusing primarily on writing children’s media. I love preschool shows especially, but when possible I work on 6-9-year-old properties and all the way up to adult films and media. I’m based in New York and I’ve worked with projects from all around the world. Some of the properties I’ve contributed to include:

THE ADVENTURES OF WABBY WABBIT – A preschool show about a gentle rabbit’s adventures, based on the songs of folk musician Kevin Roth and developed by Star Gazer Productions in Kansas City, Missouri

CANDY AND TOOTHIE – A preschool show about the unlikely friendship between a piece of candy and a tooth, set in a fantasy candy land and developed by Thinxworks Pictures in Bangalore, India

DINOSAURUS EXPLOREUS – A preschool show about a group of dinosaurs who travel the world to learn about great places and civilizations, with a geography and history curriculum, developed by Believe Animation in Green Bay, Wisconsin

THE GREAT INVENTORS – A stop-motion preschool show about cavemen struggling to invent modern technology, with no dialogue, developed by Thinxworks Pictures in Bangalore, India

JALEBI – A preschool show about a group of jungle animals, with a curriculum about Indian languages and Indian-American culture, developed by Kushi Productions in Boston, Massachusetts

KICKIN’ KITCHEN – A musical live-action tween comedy about a girl’s dream to become a world-class chef, with a food and nutrition curriculum, produced by KidsCOOK in Boston, Massachusetts

THE MILKSHAKE SHOW – A live-action musical children’s show featuring the Grammy-nominated rock band Milkshake, with a curriculum about diversity and problem solving, developed by the band members in Baltimore, Maryland

NICKY’S AWESOME ADVENTURES – A nonfiction travel show for 6-11 year olds featuring a feisty globetrotting girl from the United Arab Emirates, developed by Cardamon Assets in Dubai, UAE

THE SALTIES – A preschool show about a British seaside village and the salty animals who live there, developed by Hibernian American Ltd. in Dublin, Ireland, the creators of Jakers! The Adventures of Piggly Winks

SMARTSVILLE – A preschool show about a group of friends from different countries living and learning to work together in the same town, developed by Sharp Image in Karachi, Pakistan

WHO’S WATCHING CONRAD FARCUS? – A 6-11-year-old show about a group of zany animals in a Louisiana bayou, developed by Believe Animation in Green Bay, Wisconsin

I can be reached at randy at randyastle.com for work developing new series (pilots or bibles), writing for existing series, or writing for/polishing short films, webseries, transmedia, VR, features, and other content for children or adults.

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